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Sophie O'Gara ravingsohma at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 18:18:59 GMT 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a blue clear resin replica of the bow and arrow from the
picture below.
 I want to put LEDs into the middle of the bow as well and the arrow so it
will glow.
 I'm going to make a clay model of the bow and arrow which I then want to
mold so I can pour the clear blue resin into the mold to create the bow.
Does anyone in TOG have any experience in mold making or know where would
be a good place to start?
 What would be the best way to go about making the mold so that it would be
in 3d?
Would resin be the best way to do this or would it possibly be too heavy?

 Pic: http://zwyll.org/external/lol/champions_eu/Ashe_Splash_0.jpg



Sophie O'Gara
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