[tog] RepRap Build

David Collins davidcollins78 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 20:32:16 GMT 2013

Hi Shane.

You wrote:
>> I'm starting a build of a RepRap Mendel I2.  Has anyone in TOG experience in these that they'd be willing to share?  I'm rather new to this, it's my most ambitious project, well, ever so any tips or warnings would be much appreciated.

I've built a Prusa v1 and a Rostock Reprap (although that still needs fine-tuning and isn't the prettiest build). You're welcome to contact me by e-mail - although I have exams coming up so might be slow to respond.

In response to Philip - regarding the resolution / minimum feature size attainable ...
A well-calibrated Reprap machine can print at a layer-height of 100 micron or lower. I'm aware that Ultimaker-users have printed with layer heights as low as 40 micron, and suppose that this is achievable with a Reprap as well - but printing at this resolution takes much longer so it's a timely experiment. Anyway ... the layer-height dictates your Z-resolution. The XY resolution is usually lower but this isn't as important as the Z-resolution.


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