[tog] RepRap Build

Shane Fitzpatrick shane.fitzpatrick9 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 17:16:26 GMT 2013

Hi Phillip,

Print quality depends on the parts put in. Everybody seems to use slightly
different lists of parts. I bought all the electronic parts off
xyzprinters.com. In a bid to keep costs down I'm getting all the threaded
bar and cutting it to length myself rather than buying a kit online and I'm
scavenging things wherever I can. I didn't source the plastic parts online
as I'm making full use of my college fees in availing of their rather
expensive stratasys machine.

Ed, I'd love an Ultimaker or a Makerbot but the kits are just too
expensive.  I may end up pushing my budget but even that's much cheaper
than any of the kits available.  Overall I want to keep build costs under
€400 and even that is pushing it.  So far I'm €250 invested but I still
need a power supply, bearings, hot end and heated bed  I'm quite fortunate
to have some people willing to give me old stuff that might be useful.
 Also, building it is an accompaniment to my thesis so that's an extra push
to do it well.

As for the Galway lads, would you have an email for any of them that were
involved in assembling it?



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