[tog] Time to come check out the space?

Chebe Geek chebegeek at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 10:40:54 GMT 2013

> And I see next Tue is craft night. Just looking at your gallery, I see
> food and fabric/knitting related stuff under 'craft nights'. So is
> that the sort of thing people usually do those nights? Or is it for
> any projects people happen to be working on?
> I suppose my interests are more on models, mechanical, and electronic
> related things, so maybe craft night isnt the night for me. Or do I
> have it all wrong?

Hey Hugh,

That's just what people happen to be working on, but it's not a restrictive
list. We'd love to see more crafts being enjoyed! I myself play with
electronic clothing from time to time, and there are loads more projects
worked on than shown in the gallery! Sure pop along, and have a look see.
We're quite friendly if nothing else :)

> chebe
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