[tog] 3d prunter

Philip Ashmore contact at philipashmore.com
Sat Sep 29 19:58:37 IST 2012

On 29/09/12 13:27, Dave Head wrote:
> Hey Philip
> Not 100% on how to reply to the tog emails.
Just send your reply (like I'm doing here) direct to the list email address.
> But I do have a 3d printer if yer needed something printed.
> It's an ultimaker printer.
> Cheers
> Dave
Thanks for the offer!

A few things you should do when making such an offer
  - quote a price
    You may get many requests, so factor in
    - the cost of materials
    - your time and expertise
    - cost of electricity
    - wear and tear on the printer
  - set a limit on the number of prints you do for others (unless it's 
your business!)
  - make it clear what the result will be like
    - precision - is there a precision/speed trade-off?
    - can different materials be used?
      Maybe some materials are harder, quicker to print, different 
colours etc.
    - photos or videos of previous prints - even bring some along to the 
next tog!
    - physical limitations - can it do overhangs? Struts?

Just add any comments in-line and email it to the list.


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