[tog] OWASP-GDG Security Hackathon and Google IO Extended

Martin Mitchell jester.ie at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 11:39:19 IST 2012

For anyone that is interested in Web App Security, you may be interested
this is event being held by OWASP and the Google Dev Group ( previously
Google Tech Users Group). Details in the 2nd half of the first post.


The speakers at this event are of a very high quality. Mark has been in TOG
before with his Security Shepherd CTF.

For anyone following OWASP and security news, names like David Rook, Eoin
Keary and Fabio Cerullo should be familiar.

This is a great opportunity to get 2 days of training for the discounted
price of FREE. Usually training like this at security conferences can cost
hundreds of Euro. For anyone interested in tuning their dev skills and make
their work more secure, I would recommend this training to all.

Also last chance to get a seat at the Google IO Extended. See some of you
there :)


Dublin Hackerspace

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