[tog] led display

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Sun Jun 17 16:40:11 IST 2012

Hi Glenn,

12 hours on at 0.1Watt per hour, would mean the equivalent of 3.6aH in
a month. Thus your battery would be flat in 30 days. Normally to
preserve battery life I would suggest a bettery with 5 times the
capacity (20aH) so the battery is never discharged past 80% capacity.

You could simply use an electronic off the shelf timer for 12 hour
switching. If the lights only need to be on during hours of darkness a
night-time sensor would work more accurately and reduce power

Your current consumption seems low enough that you could use a solar
panel to charge the battery to save having to replace it.

Can you send a link to the item you want to supply power and provide a
timescale, budget, aim, basically a who, what, when, why type of



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