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Wed Jun 13 22:08:44 IST 2012

Dear TOG
I believe there is a piece at the NCAD degree show that may interest some
of you. Its an Augmented Reality installation and its mine :D
I know how there is an unmerciful fetish for the technologically new at TOG
and so I assume this is right up some people's alley. Its techy, new but
more importantly visually stimulating. I also think those who have seen
Augmented Reality in videos/tech demos will want to have the oppurtunity to
try it themselves first-hand as Augmented Reality really is a hands on
experience. The work is not just applicable to TOG on a technical side
however as the theme of the project is about changing how people relate to
digital environments and media. Something relevant to many members of the
Hackerspace. I hope it can give people some new ideas or that people can
give me some new critiques as a good discussion over ideas will help my
work tonnes! The people of TOG would be especially important in their
judgements as often they are the ones interacting the most with new
The application that I am using is called Junaio that works off of tablets
and smartphones. It downloads the site-specific content from a servor and
is capable of handling image recognition, spatial tracking, 3d objects,
sound and video so those who have decent iphones/Samsung Galaxys/HTCs bring
them along and try the work out. If thats not possible for you there will
be an ipad available in the space between 4-6 (give or take some minutes)
The exhibition is on in NCAD in the Noel Sheridan room as part of the Fine
Art Media department.
Found on the top floor of the building imediately visible to the left when
entering the college archway. The college is open from 10-8 weekdays and
10-5 weekends, finishing up this Sunday. Please pop round if your
interested and have the chats with me :D I am happy to answer any questions
about the work whether technical or artistic.

Kevin Nally
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