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Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Wed Jun 13 20:11:51 IST 2012

Hi all,

I said I would open this to the public mailing list for wider appeal.
At least 3 or 4 TOG members are heading to a 3 day hacking weekend in
the UK.

It takes place the last weekend in August. A few of us are heading
over by car and others by plane.

The amount of gadgets we can bring in a car is limited, so a van with
3 seats in the front would be better.

I have included more details below, but I am wondering if any non
member, who has access to a van, would be interested in going?

The key details are:

Camp Ticket £100 approx

Ferry cost and fuel divided by 3 €200 each approx.

Date of camp

Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd September 2012 (travel back Monday)


For those of you who have not been to such an event it's a chilled out
weekend of talks, events, socialising and fun. It's a bit like
Electric picnic but with makers, hackers and other cool people.

This is their first year to run the event so it's likely to be small
and a bit dis-organised, but we want to support them and meet other
like minded people.

The reason for the van/car is that we want to bring tents, gadgets and
other cool stuff to add to the event rather than just attend.

If anyone is interested and can get a van then let me know. The sooner
we book the ferry the better the price.


From: Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com>

I am considering booking my car on the ferry to attend this event. The
main reason for the car rather than flying is the need to bring tents
and gadgets.

My current plan is

On the Friday leave very early or even the night before.
Ferry over 4 hours
Drive to near Milton Keynes 6 hours

The plan is to camp Fri/Sat & Sunday night. Travel back Monday

I am pricing the budget at myself plus two others (maximum 3/4)
I have rough prices for ferry and petrol.

I RECKON €200 EACH WOULD BE MAX PRICE for ferry and petrol etc.
I would like to book the ferry in the next week. I need to give names
to the ferry company and pay in advance so I would need the 200 Euro
by Friday of next week.

So who is on for a road trip?


On 01/06/2012, Bacon Zombie <baconzombie at gmail.com> wrote:
> Don't know if everyone is on their mailing list or not.
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> From: "Mark Steward" <marksteward at gmail.com>
> Date: Jun 1, 2012 11:25 AM
> Subject: [uk-hack-camp] Electromagnetic Field pre-sale tickets are now
> available
> To: "uk-hack-camp at googlegroups.com" <uk-hack-camp at googlegroups.com>
> Hi all!
> We're going to send the text below out to other mailing lists today, but we
> figured it would be best to start here. You can check progress of ticket
> sales at http://hack.rs/cacti/emfcamp
> ---
> Pre-sale tickets for Electromagnetic Field are now available at
> http://www.emfcamp.org/. A pre-sale ticket will reserve you a full ticket
> for an initial payment of £30, and will give you a reduced final ticket
> price. At the same time, this means we can put down various necessary
> deposits. Please participate in the pre-sales if you plan to attend: this
> money will let the camp happen.
> If you haven't already heard about us: we're planning the first large UK
> hacker/maker camping festival, styled after events like Chaos Communication
> Camp and Hacking at Random. We hope to provide 3 full days of hacking,
> making, breaking, fixing, tinkering and fun. The camp is from Friday 31st
> August to Sunday 2nd September in the lovely Pineham Park near Milton
> Keynes (see http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Location).
> Final tickets will likely cost between £75 and £100 each, which includes
> access to the site, all events and talks. There will be an additional cost
> for parking permits if you arrive by car. If you find out later that you
> cannot attend the camp after all, we'll gladly refund £20 of your pre-sales
> ticket price, with £10 kept as an administrative fee. We won't charge this
> fee if the final ticket price is over £100.
> Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit event, and entirely community-run.
> All work is done in people's spare time, and nobody is getting paid for it.
> If you would like to help organise the camp please get in contact with us:
> http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Contact
> We will soon send out a request for volunteers to help run the camp itself.
> Some initial information can be found here:
> http://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Team/Volunteers
> And we have an open Call for Participation for talks, workshops,
> performances, and villages here:
> http://blog.emfcamp.org/post/23117482682/emf-2012-call-for-participation
> See you there!
> ~hugs and squiggles~
> The EMF team
> ---
> "The fine print."
> We aim to be as accessible as possible, so if you have any special
> requirements please get in contact with us at contact at emfcamp.org and we'll
> try to accommodate you.
> Animals are not allowed on site, except for guide dogs.
> For this first year, EMF is an event for people of ages 18 and over. This
> is a result of the specific regulations and statutory requirements for such
> events in the UK. If you have experience running similar events with
> children and can help us, please get in touch soon by emailing
> contact at emfcamp.org.

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