[tog] Any unwanted monitors/digital picture frames?

kevin nally zombiekirby1990 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 12:23:38 IST 2012

Hi guys
I am currently doing a project that requires 3 monitors/digital picture
frames for playing some video clips I made. I am writing up here to see if
there are any spare monitors that people have or are throwing away. The
display would last for a full month after which the monitors would be
returned or if you no longer wanted them they would be disposed of by
myself. The reason I mention digital picture frames in the subject is
because Digital picture frames are thin and only require a usb to run the
video files which would be less of a burden than having a desktop running
in the background along with the connection cables. The thinness of the
displays is also important because the wall itself wouldnt be sturdy enough
to support the likes of an Imac desktop. Also aesthetically it would mean
they wouldn't be jutting out of the wall and looking clunky. So if there is
anyone out there slowly unhooking their fingers from a dusty monitor
suspended over a putrified dark recycling bin STOP :D and give meeee that
monitor. I'll give it one last adventure before it goes to a dismal
Also if anyone knows of any other displaying devices that I could use
please mention it! I am not looking for symmetry in my displays as I plan
on having them different sizes anyway.

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