[tog] [fullmembers] Exploit-Excercises.com - Learn how to exploit Linux.

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Apr 11 11:30:20 IST 2012

On 11/04/12 11:00, Bacon Zombie wrote:
> On a side note, does anybody know if the new small HP N40L {?}  in the
> range is owned by a member or for the space? Would be a great little
> VM system if we fill it with 8Gb of ram and a 1TB/2TB HD.

For a workshop on the exploit-excersises, I'd have thought people could
run the VMs on their own laptops, that way you can work on them at
home/anywhere. I doubt you'd do a lot of intensive stuff on these
learning VMs

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