[tog] Exploit-Excercises.com - Learn how to exploit Linux.

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Apr 11 10:47:42 IST 2012

Hi all,

Has anyone seen this? http://exploit-exercises.com/

They provide some Linux VMs with some exploitable holes and guide you
through various levels of hacking them. Starts of quite basic (
http://exploit-exercises.com/nebula ), and has a nice granular level
progression. If you're like me and interested in learning more about
infosec, this is interesting. (Though it has a lot of C code, which is
annoying :P )

Twould be cool sometime to get a pile of us together in tog some
day/evening and try to work our way through them. Try to figure it out
on our own, help each other if we get stuck etc. (Course someone there
who's experienced in exploiting software to give help if we get stuck
might be helpful).

Would anyone else be interested in that sort of group hacky thing?


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