[tog] SOPA, PIPA ... CISPA is on the way next

Marita Finnegan marita.finnegan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 13:59:30 IST 2012


great work on the SOPA  debate and thank you people but it seems that the
U.S. is already working on pushing through the next bout of flawed,
authoritarian internet legislation, called CISPA ( Cyber Intelligence
Sharing and Protection Act ).


"However, the bill goes much further, permitting ISPs to funnel private
communications and related information back to the government without
adequate privacy protections and controls. The bill does not specify which
agencies ISPs could disclose customer data to, but the structure and
incentives in the bill raise a very real possibility that the National
Security Agency or the DOD’s Cybercommand would be the primary recipient."

I really don't have time to research it at the moment but another good read
is here;

"The Electronic Frontier Foundation, another online advocacy group, has
also sharply condemned CISPA for what it means for the future of the
Internet. *“It effectively creates a ‘cybersecurity'’ exemption to all
existing laws,”* explains the EFF, who add in a statement of their own that
“*There are almost no restrictions on what can be collected and how it can
be used, provided a company can claim it was motivated by ‘cybersecurity
purposes.’” *"

There was nothing specific I could see on the Electronic Frontier
Foundation site but on CDT an alternative is discussed;

Avaaz already have a petition onsite against it.
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