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PHD PHD at ptsecurity.ru
Fri Apr 6 11:58:12 IST 2012

Dear friends!

We would like to invite the TOG hacker space to take part in the Positive Hack Days forum on practical security. The forum will be held in Moscow, Russia, on 30-31 of May 2012, and we will be glad, if hackers from other cities join the online transmission of the conference and participate in the online hacking challenges. Of course, everyone will be able to do that from home, but hanging out together at a hacker space is much funnier, isn’t it? :)

Internet forum participants will be able to:

•                   Join the audience through the internet HD-broadcast (English and Russian languages). We expect 1 500 visitors in 2012 on-site, including key players in the security industry, international experts on information security, and world-renowned hackers.

•                   Participate in discussions and ask questions of the speakers coming online. Among the speakers at PHDays in 2012: Pierre-Marc Bureau, Andrei Costin, Ulrich Fleck, Marcus Niemietz, Yury Gurkin, and Sylvain Munaut. The forum keynote speaker will be the world-famous cryptographer Bruce Schneier. Some reports are already determined: http://phdays.com/news.asp.

•                   Take part in the Online Hack Quest and other hacking challenges, to demonstrate their hacking skills and compete for prizes. Anyone will be able to test their strength in the security assessment, search and exploitation of vulnerabilities, reversing and just hacking. HackQuest will have a common part of infrastructure with PHDays CTF, so online participants will fight with world leading CTF teams (one of which will go to DEF CON 20 CTF without quals http://defcon.org/html/defcon-20/dc-20-ctf.html). The Hack Quest will not for a moment stop from 10 a.m. MSK (UTC +4), May 30 to 5 p.m. MSK (UTC +4), May 31.

If you want to organize an event based on the webcast of the PHDays at the TOG site, please, write to phd at ptsecurity.com<mailto:phd at ptsecurity.com>. We will discuss the details, and put the information for visitors about the hacker space (address, description, logos, links, and contacts) on the PHDays web site.

More information about the forum you can find through the following links:



PHDays Team

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