[tog] Debian

Michael Stapelberg michael+tog at stapelberg.de
Sun Oct 30 13:15:46 GMT 2011

Hi Martín,

Excerpts from Martín Ferrari's message of 2011-10-30 12:55:29 +0000:
> I am Martín Ferrari, known in some places and IRC servers as Tincho. I
> am from Argentina, and living in Dublin since January.. I am Free
> Software enthusiast and Debian Developer (DD).
Cool. I’m a Debian Maintainer (DM) and living in Dublin for a while.

> I have been attending some of the lock picking sessions at the TOG,
> and in the last time I was there, I got the suggestion that if I
> present a talk on Debian stuff, there will be some interest.
Sure, I would come to your talk :).

Best regards,

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