[tog] Christmas Origami Workshops

Julie Pichon julie.pichon at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 21:11:59 IST 2011

Hi folks,

As Christmas approaches (I know, there's Hallowe'en first, but still
-- Christmas is getting closer!) why not have a bit of fun and come to
Tog to make your very own origami Christmas decorations, and get
introduced to modular origami techniques? We'll be running the same
workshop twice:

- on Wednesday, November 23rd, from 7pm to 9pm
- on Saturday, November 26rd, from 2pm to 4pm

Link to the blog post, which includes info on how to sign up:

Note that I'm trying out a fancy new plugin to manage sign-ups, so if
you don't hear back a couple of days after signing up, please ping me
to double check.

All the best,


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