[tog] Wider than widescreen monitors?

kevin nally zombiekirby1990 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 11:12:42 IST 2011

Hello Tog my Bruce Wayne of technology.
The community here at TOG has helped me before in leaps and bounds when I
posed a question a few months back asking for information on image
corruption and
Hex-editing. I couldn't believe the response+support I got from people in
such a short
space of time. The volume was nearly overwhelming :D   So I thought I'd  cry
out into the night for my saviour once again and just see if anyone has any
information that might help me.

This time round I'm trying to make a custom digital photo frame thats a bit
unusual and different.  *Hopefully one that's wider than widescreen.* The
reason for this is that I want to create some extra long images and display
them without having to dual-screen. The border in-between the screens would
for me personally ruin the impact. The images will probably be static but I
still want to use a digital monitor for that brightness and colour.

I have found plenty of tutorials online for making photo frames out of old
laptop monitors on instructables

The thing that is more important to me for now is finding that quirky
monitor that I can display my images on.  I am a student at NCAD currently
in my final year so this all has a grand purpose and will hopefully make a
huge difference to my artwork.  I think it could communicate my idea alot
more powerfully than just printed images because my illustrations are
focused on virtual environments and all things digital.  These OLED
illustrations would really have a bit of P-ZAZ!!!! and IMPACT!!!!!  that
could my viewers at the degree show a far better experience.

I hope I haven't been too outlandish with my idea here but any information
would be appreciated; even a "Impossible now GTFO" is helping me so thank
you for taking the time to read this

Kevin Nally (NCAD-boy)
If you know of any strange monitors at all, not necessarily super-long, I'd
love to hear about them
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